Released new version of gepub. gepub is a generic EPUB parser/generator for Ruby. Its main focus is to handle metadata in EPUB.
New features in version 0.6.0 includes:

  • supports EPUB3. It can(or should) handle every metadata defined in EPUB Publications 3.0.
  • Parse existing EPUB files.
  • New easy-to-use EPUB generating interface.

Please check the readme and examples on the github repository for more information.
The original goal of gepub was to be a 'good-enough' EPUB generator. But, if you set a goal like 'good-enough', it will be rearly enough. gepub 0.5.0 has very poor functionality on handling metadata, no parsing, and only supports EPUB2.0.
Now, the new goal of the library is to be a 'generic' EPUB library. It's not generic enough and not stable yet, but I'm willing to make it enough and stable.

KOJIMA Satoshi